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This tutorial will show you how to add a tinted background to your Weebly video header. In addition, this tutorial will also show you how to turn your video to grayscale for a cool contrast with the tinted background.
With the launch of Weebly 4, one of the new features Weebly released for all account types is the customizable header. The customizable header allows you to easily change your banner image like before, but now you can easily add effects such as parallax (banner image remains static), reveal (banner content fades in), and a video background (paid accounts only).
With the launch of Weebly 4, Weebly added a new toolbar element called 'Section'. The new 'Section' element allows you to create a full width, independent content area which can adopt its own background color, background image -- which can be made parallax -- and for paid accounts, video backgrounds.
This tutorial will show you how to add icons to the parent menu items of your Weebly navigation menu.
The icons we'll be using for this tutorial are Dashicons, which come in the format of a font file. Having the icons come in a font file allows us to easily change the icons' color, size, etc without affecting its quality on the many different media devices available today.​
This tutorial will show you how to add a circular avatar to your Weebly blog posts. The avatar can be hyperlinked to any page of your choosing and will automatically appear on every blog post on your Weebly site.
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