Posted by Chris, Weebly Tricks

​how To Add Weebly 4's 'section' Element To Your Modified, Older, Or Third-party Weebly Theme​

Saturday October 15, 2016
With the launch of Weebly 4, Weebly added a new toolbar element called 'Section'. The new 'Section' element allows you to create a full width, independent content area which can adopt its own background color, background image -- which can be made parallax -- and for paid accounts, video backgrounds.

The new 'Section' element comes standard with Weebly 4's new default themes, but not previous Weebly generation themes, or some modified or third-party Weebly themes.

If you have a modified, previous generation, or third-party Weebly theme, you can add the 'Section' element to your Weebly editor, and for this tutorial, we'll be using Weebly Carbon's (Weebly 3) 'BIRDSEYE' theme to show you how.