Posted by Chris, Weebly Tricks

​how To Create A Drag & Drop Video Background In Weebly​

Monday October 3, 2016
With the launch of Weebly 4, Weebly has made it incredibly easy for Weebly Pro, Business, and Performance site's to add a video background. For those with a free Weebly account, this tutorial is for you!​

​This tutorial will show you how to add a drag and drop video background to your Weebly site. A video background is one of the more common web design trends that allow a site to showcase elements of their site in a non-intrusive, but trendy and attractive manner.

To keep it Weebly, this tutorial will also integrate a drag and drop area on top of your video background. This means you can drag and drop any Weebly element on top of your video background.