Posted by Chris, Weebly Tricks

We're bringing back Weebly's old themes and making them responsive

July 13, 2017
Comments, Updated 8/4/17
In October of 2015, Weebly [prematurely] launched 'Carbon', the 3rd generation of its drag and drop website building platform. If you were with Weebly then, you most likely remember the unprecedented amount of bugs 'Carbon' had which left many Weebly sites inoperable and in disarray,​ and many Weebly customers fuming. To add insult to injury, ​Weebly removed all of its old responsive themes with 'Carbon's' introduction, but eventually made them available again to just Weebly accounts that were opened before 'Carbon's' release' to appease irate Weebly users.​

In 2017, these non-responsive themes are still available to pre-Carbon Weebly accounts, but they're just that - not responsive​. In an effort to modernize these themes, Weebly Tricks will bring back Weebly's old non-responsive themes, make them 100% responsive, and then make them available to you! Yes, you can get excited now.
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